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Watch and Learn: What to Expect When You Return-to-Site Video

Catherine Ragin Williams |
June 10, 2020

Make space in your day to watch a new video featuring many familiar faces: Director Mark Geyer, Deputy Director Vanessa Wyche, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Terrance Taddeo and other directors at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Together, the leadership team will tell you what you can expect when you return-to-on-site work and the kinds of common-sense approaches being implemented to reduce risk and exposure to germs, infections — and the COVID-19 virus. As we are planning to transition employees to on-site work, the video is a simple guide intended to help prepare each employee understand the expectations and policies that must be followed on-site while the coronavirus remains a threat in the community.  

The video, which you can click to view below (or on Johnson’s COVID-19 page), walks you through what to do if you feel ill, sanitizing your work area, face coverings, work accommodations, support via the Employee Assistance Program and more. Especially of note is etiquette for traversing the hallways, elevators and even just going to grab a candy bar from the vending machine. 

Remember, if you have additional questions, please contact your supervisor. The COVID-19 page remains the cornerstone for all information and guidance pertaining to the center as we navigate the pandemic.