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Special Viewings for the NASA Workforce of the 'Apollo 13' Movie

April 27, 2020

The NASA workforce and their families will have two opportunities to collectively view the 1995 movie “Apollo 13” on Thursday, April 30, at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Eastern, as their personal schedules allow. Closed captioning will be enabled for these screenings.

NASA has obtained permission from Universal Studios to stream the movie “Apollo 13” to the agency’s workforce. This is an inspiring story with much to remind us about perseverance, the importance of teamwork and how our culture of safety has advanced. With employees unable to gather at the centers while most of NASA is teleworking, NASA is bringing the movie to you.  The Office of Communications and Office of the Chief Information Officer worked together to obtain permission to view the film and present it to you in a manner that respects the agreement with Universal and provides easy and secure access through your NASA computer or laptop.  

OCIO is delivering the movie to you using an innovative solution that could improve our telework capabilities moving forward. The streaming of “Apollo 13” is the first agency-wide test of this system so you may encounter difficulties. Please keep in mind that the quality of your local Internet connection may affect the quality of the video stream you receive, and that you will not be able to pause or rewind the movie.

Follow the instructions below on how to view the stream from your NASA-issued device and NASA-issued credentials. We strongly encourage everyone to test their connection any time before the movie starts. Please use Chrome as your browser. 


Step 1: Open Chrome Browser.

Step 2: Copy and Paste the following link into your Chrome browser.

Note: This is a new link. The link provided for the April 17 screening will not work.

Step 3: To access the video, NASA participants must disconnect from the VPN and then authenticate to the secure video stream using their NASA badge or RSA Token.  Please do not surf the Internet or visit other websites while you are watching the video. After the video is over, please reconnect to the VPN.  

Step 4: Disconnect from VPN, if you are connected. Once you have successfully disconnected, the page should refresh automatically. If it does not – click the link again.

Step 5: You will be asked to log in using your PIV badge or RSA token.

Step 6: You will be redirected to the page to view the stream (opening image may differ). 

***If you are having problems with the video, try copying and pasting the link directly in your Chrome browser.


Notes: The movie “Apollo 13” is rated PG and runs two hours, 20 minutes. Once the movie has started, it cannot be paused or rewound.