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5 Ways to Celebrate #Hubble30

Jenna Foertsch |
April 24, 2020

Hubble, the world’s first space telescope, ignited a curiosity for the cosmos in us all when it was launched into space aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery on April 24, 1990. The iconic space telescope revealed groundbreaking scientific discoveries and has inspired the public for three decades.

“Hubble’s images have entered the popular conversation in a way that I can’t remember any other instrument doing,” said Kathy Sullivan, the first female American spacewalker, said of the iconic telescope.

Here are some ways to celebrate #Hubble30:

1. Find Out What Picture Hubble Captured on Your Birthday

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center created a website that will display what the Hubble telescope saw on your birthday, including facts about the picture. You can even change your desktop or phone background to your Hubble photograph!


2. Share Your Favorite Galactic Picture on Social Media Using: #Hubble30

Check out Hubble Images here.


3. Listen to Stories About the Hubble Telescope

Check out the new mini-series, “Hubble, Our Window to the Stars.” Listen now.


 4. See Who’s Wishing Hubble a Happy Birthday. (You May See a Few Familiar Faces.)

Click to see the feature on Twitter.


5. And Finally, Learn About Its Successor, the James Webb Space Telescope.

How does Hubble differ from the James Webb Space Telescope? How do they complement each other? Learn more about the next great space telescope here.


 NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope sits in front of the door to Chamber A, a giant thermal vacuum chamber located at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The telescope spent months undergoing tests at sub-freezing cryogenic temperatures. Image Credit: NASA/Desiree Stover